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Jamsal Computers

Welcome to Jamsal Computers

Computer Sales and Service on all PC based systems.....FREE EVALUATION

Services Available:

  • Virus Removal......Prices starting at $35 for minor infections
  • SpyWare / Malware Removal..... Prices starting at $25 for minor infections
  • Data Backup..... Prices starting at $60 plus the cost of storage media If required
  • Data Recovery.....Prices starting at $60 (HDD must be functioning for normal data recovery)
  • Forensic Data Recovery Services Available.....This service is for severe cases when the HDD is no longer functioning, but valuable data must be recovered. Price is determined by amount of data and type of recovery.
  • Operating System Upgrade.....Market price......Call for quote!!!
  • Hard Drive Imaging.....A complete copy of your HDD.....Prices starting at $65 plus cost of media (DVD, CD, HDD)
Jamsal Computers (774)274-5572
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